About the Library

The mission of TUF Libraries is to provide the right information to right person at the right time in a right way. TUF Libraries have a network of five libraries on its campuses to promote the reading culture and provide access to information on diverse academic disciplines. The TUF libraries contain around 45,000 books on engineering, religion, management, computer, medical and allied health sciences literature. The bibliographic information about the collections is available through the Koha software. These libraries provide access to books, journals, thesis, newspapers, and other resources in hybrid environment (i.e. combination of print and online resources.)

Having membership of Higher Education Commission (HEC) Digital Library TUF libraries provides access to thousands of virtual reference sources, online books, electronic journals, digital theses, and other multimedia resources on various subjects. The computers with internet and Wi-Fi connections are available for the use of students and teachers for their study and research. A team of competent library professionals is also available to provide the reference, research, Sms, Photocopy, plagiarism, Mobile and laptop charging and circulation services.

TUF Libraries arrange information literacy sessions time to time in order to enhance the online searching skills of students and researchers.